Children’s charity

We recently began working with a children’s charity To avoid an misrepresentation of their mission – here is a direct quote from their website “…Savvy Giving by Design™ is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide comfort, support, and healing to families with a child facing a medical crisis by transforming the interior spaces of their homes at no cost to them”

Hospitality Industry Cruise Slow Motion

Last night we were working with Control Entertainment providing Slow Motion video projected onto a massive 20′ x 15′ high resolution LED wall.

The event took place on the Hornblower Inspiration, and our booth was on the top deck with a spectacular view of the city. Attendance consisted entirely of folks in the hospitality industry… and the result was this was clearly the most entertaining slow-motion video booth we have ever done. After all, folks in the hospitality industry are not know for being shy and reserved. For 5 straight hours we worked through a steady line of amazing folks from the industry.


Last week we officially opened our new studio space on Adams Ave. Our first client through the door was Estes Therapy, and they were looking for a fun/formal/casual team photo. We produced a few versions, but these 2 are my favorites.



Sneak Peek :)

I rarely do sneak peeks on my blog… but this was just to good.  2 days ago we got the first wave of our big “spring storm”.  People always freak out about bad weather on their wedding day … and I totally get it.  But I also like to let everyone know that bad weather usually makes for the best pictures and that proved exactly right on Saturday.  There is just so many great shots created by our perfect photography weather!!

BR3I6417-Edit (Large)

BR3I7073 (Large)

BR3I7320 (Large)


Lamborghini and Waldorf Astoria

I finally have time to put up some pictures from our photo shoot with the Waldorf Astoria and a small fleet of Lamborghini’s. These cars were all variations of the Huracan model – but the yellow (greenish yellow) car was a new release, a rear wheel drive spyder. Needless to say, they are all frighteningly fast cars.