Cuvier Club Highlight Video

Step into a world of timeless elegance and enchantment as our highlight video takes you on a visual journey through the exquisite charm of this prestigious venue. From its beautiful décor to the awe-inspiring coastal backdrop, experience the essence of luxury and sophistication that defines The Cuvier Club.

Sneak Peek :)

I rarely do sneak peeks on my blog… but this was just to good.  2 days ago we got the first wave of our big “spring storm”.  People always freak out about bad weather on their wedding day … and I totally get it.  But I also like to let everyone know that bad weather usually makes for the best pictures and that proved exactly right on Saturday.  There is just so many great shots created by our perfect photography weather!!

BR3I6417-Edit (Large)

BR3I7073 (Large)

BR3I7320 (Large)