Studio class at UCSD

Once a year I teach a studio photography class at UCSD. This is a 27 hour course that culminates with a full day in the studio with professional models and an assortment of available studio lighting. During the day I don’t get to take a lot of photos (I make myself the lighting assistant for my students), but I always manage to get a few snaps.

Mimi and Lu Jewelry

Mimi and Lu Jewelry has been showcased extensively in print and on hollywood sets. It was an honor to work with the owner (Michelle) to create a set of lifestyle images the showcase some of her work

Roserags Fashions

Local fashion designer Jessica Delee created a fantastic brand in Roserags.  To help launch her new catalog she came over to our studio with the a beautiful model and we shot her entire spring collection.  I am not going to be posting the entire catalog here – but these are a few of my favorite pieces from the collection

Red Light District

Jon was contacted about creating some art for an interesting new restaurant in San Diego’s Gaslamp District.  The name of the restaurant will be called Red Light District  and it will be themed after vintage Burlesque concept.  These photos are destined to be printed at on an aluminum (metallic) surface at sizes ranging from only 24 inches up to 10 feet.  It turned in to an amazing photo session that lasted more than 12 hours – with a ton of talent on set to make everything come to life.

Revolt Magazine

After more than a year shooting covers and content for San Diego lifestyle magazine “Revolt” Jon has moved on to other adventures.  This is a look back at some of the content that Jon has contributed over the past two years.