Ironman California 70.3

Sports Photography

For the fourth year in a row I was covering the 70.3 Half Ironman California in Oceanside. Last year I was “assigned” to capture a location that was filled with road hazard cones but this year I was able to get back onto the old Pacific Highway adjacent to Camp Pendleton. The old road is getting a little more beat up as it is no longer maintained for civilian traffic – and unfortunately a lot of the age group competitors were a little less savvy about picking the smooth “trail” portion of the road and instead opted for the old pavement. The result was quite a few flat tires and in 3 cases it resulted in me doing the tire changes. Unfortunately on my last tire change of the day, the fellow’s CO2 canister blew up on me so I was not able to get any air in his tires, but I was happy to provide assistance to the other athletes who were having technical trouble.

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Courtney and Jordan at Secluded Garden

San Diego Weddings

Beautiful venues put a huge smile on my face – and when Courtney and Jordan told me they would be getting married at Secluded Garden, I could not have been happier. On top of the wonderful venue, this intimate wedding was attended by such a great group of friends and family that I could not help by enjoy myself thoroughly for the entire event.

Event coordination was provided by Dalene Christensen

Oceanside wedding – Paradise Gardens

San Diego Weddings

This beautiful wedding at Paradise Gardens in Oceanside was an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Aside from the weather being a little on the hot side when we arrived – I can’t imagine how the day could have gone much better. From the perfectly behaved dog, to the children’s parade, to the absolutely gorgeous grounds where we were able to take the wedding photos, this was definitely one of those days that made me LOVE my job. Looking back, I think my favorite part of the day was the first look. The funny thing about “first looks” is that they can sometimes feel a little “contrived” as the bride and groom get ready. But as you can see in the resulting images here – the experience of seeing your spouse for the first time on your wedding day is a special moment that is guaranteed to create some strong emotions.