Lamborghini and Waldorf Astoria

I finally have time to put up some pictures from our photo shoot with the Waldorf Astoria and a small fleet of Lamborghini’s. These cars were all variations of the Huracan model – but the yellow (greenish yellow) car was a new release, a rear wheel drive spyder. Needless to say, they are all frighteningly fast cars.










Exciting work coming up

We get to do a huge variety of fun work – but for various reasons we can’t always put content up on our blog. We have been building a great relationship with Lamborghini over the past year, and very soon we will get a chance to shoot their next big print campaign so stay tuned for some fun stuff…. untitled-14Lamborghini-17

Lamborghini-13 (1)




Xterra Race Series

We have partnered up with Xterra races for a number of events this year.  Starting in December 2016 we provided video coverage for the event held at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach.  And yesterday we did some photos for their event at Mission Trails in San Diego


Wildflower 2015

This is always my favorite race of the season. The two day festival that takes place completely “off-grid” brings out a big crowd and is somehow one of the best organized events I go to each year. I missed going last year so I was not aware that Lake San Antonio was WAY DOWN for a second year in a row. I was shocked to show up at a “triathlon” and not see any water in sight. It turns out the lake was intentionally lowered as a result of the ongoing drought so the swim portion now takes place 2.2 miles from the bike transition. In order to keep all the final distances in line with the 70.3 half Ironman, the run leg is now split up with a 2.2 mile run, then 56 mile bike, then 11.9 mile run.

Dry Lake Bed


Men’s 70.3 winner Jesse Thomas



Woman’s 70.3 winner Elizabeth Lyles with Heather Jackson close behind



Olympic bike course



Ironman California 70.3

For the fourth year in a row I was covering the 70.3 Half Ironman California in Oceanside. Last year I was “assigned” to capture a location that was filled with road hazard cones but this year I was able to get back onto the old Pacific Highway adjacent to Camp Pendleton. The old road is getting a little more beat up as it is no longer maintained for civilian traffic – and unfortunately a lot of the age group competitors were a little less savvy about picking the smooth “trail” portion of the road and instead opted for the old pavement. The result was quite a few flat tires and in 3 cases it resulted in me doing the tire changes. Unfortunately on my last tire change of the day, the fellow’s CO2 canister blew up on me so I was not able to get any air in his tires, but I was happy to provide assistance to the other athletes who were having technical trouble.

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_D4_3218-Edit (Large)

_D4_3236-Edit (Large)

CW_58964-Edit (Large)

_D4_8115-Edit (Large)


California Tour L’Etape

I have a long history of covering Mountain Bike events… but I have not had a lot of opportunity to photograph road racing. So when I was offered the chance to cover The Tour L’Etape in Escondido this year I was thrilled. The route took the riders up Mt Palomar from Escondido so it was a formidable climb, but it was a beautiful day and the roads were surprisingly quiet.
I decided that since I was not offered an official support vehicle (motorcycle) this year – I really needed to maximize my opportunity to get some photos when I had the chance. I was able to set up in 2 locations during the race (I beat the racers to the top of the mountain after shooting my first location) so I decided to use 2 cameras simultaneously in both locations so I could get 4 completely unique set of images. At both locations I used a telephoto lens to catch the riders at a distance, and then I had a remotely triggered camera to catch a wide-angle shot as they came past me.
If you are looking to purchase photos of yourself from this race – please visit Scott Christopher Stolarz Photography

Location 1

Location 2

2013 Tour L'Etape Mt Palomar
Tour of California Mount Palomar Bike

Wildflower Triathlon 2013

The Wildflower Triathlon is one of my favorite events to travel to each year. It is a 2-day festival on remote Lake San Antonio with camping onsite and thousands of participants competing in half Ironman (70.3), Mountain Bike Triathlon, and Olympic distance triathlon. This year had extreme contrasts in weather from Saturday to Sunday with temperatures in the 90’s on Saturday and the a sprinkling of rain with temperatures in the 60’s on Sunday.