World Triathlon San Diego

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There are eight events that comprise the World Triathlon Series and San Diego marks the second stop of the tour. The full event spans several days and includes individual races for Elite Men and Elite Women – but between those two Pro races, an amateur “Age Group” race takes place on the same course. The age group race kicks off shortly after sunrise and the starts are staggered so it can be difficult to tell “who won” the race until results from each of the categories come in. But ultimately most of the athletes are racing against the clock and themselves, so the ability to compete on the exact same course as the best in the world is a great thrill on its own.

Camp Pendleton Mud Run 2013

Sports Photography

Today I was out at Camp Pendleton for my third mud run of the season. The races are a ton of fun to spectate but they are a little rough on me and my gear. Take today for example… in that first picture it would not immediately come to mind – but every drop of dirt and sweat that might come off the athletes on this obstacle is going to land directly on me and my camera (yuck!!). At location #2 it might not be hard to imagine how I might end up a bit messy :). But in any case – when you are hard at work, you soon forget about the little things (like someone else’s sweat dripping on your face) and it is not hard at all to get caught up in the excitement of a fun event like this. For now… I have a while before I need to consider whether I want to subject myself to something like this again next year!!

Eric Carter rides for GT Bikes

Sports Photography

When GT Bikes brought Eric Carter onto their team everyone was stoked. As a multi-time world champ, world cup champion and national champion who wouldn’t be happy to get him signed. Add to that, that GT has just released an amazing new Carbon Fiber DH bike for him to get on, EC is definitely stoked.

With a new signing comes a new set of images for promotional purposes. EC and I headed out to some local jumps with his new ride to get some images.