Gear Box

Photography is a big passion for a lot of people… so I get lots of questions about my gear. ¬†Here is a list of the major items


Camera Bodies

Sony A7rIII, Sony A7III, Sony 6300


Sony 16-35 F4, Sony 24-70 F2.8, Sony 70-200 F4, Sony 16-70 F4, Sony 18-105 F4, Sony 24 F1.8, Zeiss 25 F2, Sony 55 F1.8, Zeiss 85 F1.8


Godox 860ii (x3), Godox AD200 (x2), Godox xplore 600 (x3), Alien Bees B1600 (x3)

Video Gear

DSLR cameras are convenient for shooting video if necessary – but dedicated gear like the Sony cameras we run are light-years beyond what a DSLR can capture. All our video is able to be captured via external recorders in either RAW or Pro-Res 4:2:2 video

Sony FS7, Sony FS5ii, Sony FS5 , Sony FS700R, Sennheiser Wireless Lav, Sennheiser Shotgun Mic, Tascam lav mic

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