Gear Box

Photography is a big passion for a lot of people… so I get lots of questions about my gear.  Here is a list of the major items


Camera Bodies

Canon 1Dx Mark II, Canon 5D3, Canon 6D


Canon 15mm fisheye, Canon 16-35mm F2.8, Canon 24-70mm F2.8, Canon 35mm F1.4, Canon 50mm F1.4, Canon 85mm F1.2, Canon 70-200mm F2.8, Canon 135mm F2, Canon 200mm F1.8, Canon 25mm extension tube


Canon 600EX-RT flash (x3), Canon St-E3 transmitter, Canon 430exII, Canon 580exII, Pocket Wizard Flextt5 (x2) triggers, Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 trigger

Video Gear

DSLR cameras are convenient for shooting video if necessary – but dedicated gear like the Sony cameras we run are light-years beyond what a DSLR can capture. All our video is captured via external recorders able to capture either RAW or Pro-Res 4:2:2 video

Sony FS7, Sony FS5, Sony FS700R , Sony FS700, Sony A7s, Sennheiser Wireless Lav, Sennheiser Shotgun Mic, Tascan lav mic

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