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Exquisite Weddings Launch Event 2014

Exquisite Weddings Magazine had us back one more time to film their behind the scenes production of the current issue. With the launch party last night I am officially allowed to share the video so here it is. Special thanks to Clarence Legaspi for his camera work and Synchronice for their amazing remix.

Baby Jackson

Baby Jackson paid me a visit yesterday – and he might win the award for the best behaved newborn I have photographed in the last year. Over 2 hours it was 90% smiles and sleeping with just a bit of protest thrown in when we went for a change in outfits. And of course the BEST part… nobody got peed on!! He’s an absolutely beautiful little boy.

baby-jackson2 (Large)

baby-jackson1 (Large)

baby-jackson4 (Large)

baby-jackson5 (Large)

baby-jackson6 (Large)

baby-jackson3 (Large)

baby-jackson7 (Large)

baby-jackson8 (Large)

baby-jackson9 (Large)

Kelley & Kevin at The Abbey

>kelley1 (Custom)

kelley2 (Custom)kelley3 (Custom)

kelley4 (Custom)

kelley5 (Custom)

kelley6 (Custom)

kelley7 (Custom)

kelley8 (Custom)

kelley9 (Custom)

kelley10 (Custom)

kelley11 (Custom)

kelley12 (Custom)

kelley13 (Custom)

kelley14 (Custom)

kelley15 (Custom)

kelley16 (Custom)

kelley17 (Custom)

kelley18 (Custom)

kelley19 (Custom)

kelley20 (Custom)

kelley21 (Custom)

kelley22 (Custom)

kelley23 (Custom)

kelley24 (Custom)

kelley25 (Custom)

kelley38 (Custom)

kelley36 (Custom)

kelley37 (Custom)

kelley26 (Custom)

kelley27 (Custom)

kelley28 (Custom)

kelley29 (Custom)

kelley30 (Custom)

kelley31 (Custom)

kelley32 (Custom)

kelley33 (Custom)

kelley34 (Custom)

kelley35 (Custom)

Ironman California 70.3

For the fourth year in a row I was covering the 70.3 Half Ironman California in Oceanside. Last year I was “assigned” to capture a location that was filled with road hazard cones but this year I was able to get back onto the old Pacific Highway adjacent to Camp Pendleton. The old road is getting a little more beat up as it is no longer maintained for civilian traffic – and unfortunately a lot of the age group competitors were a little less savvy about picking the smooth “trail” portion of the road and instead opted for the old pavement. The result was quite a few flat tires and in 3 cases it resulted in me doing the tire changes. Unfortunately on my last tire change of the day, the fellow’s CO2 canister blew up on me so I was not able to get any air in his tires, but I was happy to provide assistance to the other athletes who were having technical trouble.

_D4_3211-Edit-Edit (Large)

_D4_3218-Edit (Large)

_D4_3236-Edit (Large)

CW_58964-Edit (Large)

_D4_8115-Edit (Large)


San Dieguito Park Wedding

CW_50535 (Large) CWX_7183 (Large) CWX_7207 (Large) CWX_7208 (Large) CWX_7216 (Large) CWX_7230 (Large) CW_50566 (Large) CWX_7245-Edit-Edit (Large) CWX_7361 (Large) CWX_7369 (Large)
_D4_2834 (Large)

CWX_7325-Edit (Large) CW_50605 (Large) CWX_7266 (Large) _D4_2611 (Large) _D4_2649 (Large) CWX_7297-Edit (Large) CWX_7424 (Large) CWX_7466 (Large) CWX_7495 (Large) CWX_7565 (Large) CWX_7577 (Large) CW_50618 (Large)
_D4_2761 (Large)

CWX_7706 (Large)
CW_50698 (Large) _D4_3286 (Large) CW_50717 (Large) _D4_3277 (Large) CW_50608-Edit (Large)

La Jolla and Del Mar Wedding

This La Jolla wedding just happened to occur during our only rain storm in the past 12 months. We knew coming in that there was a good chance of heavy rain so before the wedding even began I offered a “re-do” on the portrait session. And sure enough – during our first portrait session, the light rain turned into epic wind/rain. So with everyone up for the second shoot I was thrilled to be able to go back to Del Mar and spend an awesome hour long session getting some beautiful images to add to the existing collection.



























Rancho Santa Fe Engagement Photos

I’m absolutely loving the photos from this recent engagement session. My blog has been seriously neglected recently so this was the perfect excuse to bring it back up to date. I’m so excited to be shooting the wedding later this year!!

christina-mike1 (Large)

christina-mike3 (Large)

christina-mike2 (Large)

christina-mike4 (Large)

christina-mike5 (Large)

christina-mike6 (Large)

christina-mike7 (Large)

christina-mike8 (Large)

christina-mike9 (Large)

Slow Motion Video Booth

A few years ago someone had the genius idea of offering a Slow Motion Video Booth as an alternative to your standard “Photo Booth”. At this point there are only a handful of people offering the service and I am pleased to say that I am now one of only 3 (I think…) companies in San Diego to provide this dynamic style of event booth.

The concept is to capture high-speed video footage of people dancing and goofing off – and then to provide real-time playback. The camera capture Full HD frames at a rate of 240 frames per second and then the camera feeds this directly into a TV/Monitor mounted near the booth. Since standard playback is only 24 frames per second the effect is a full 10x slow motion. Options for onsite printing, custom props and custom backdrops will be made available. After the event you will receive an edited video showing highlights of the day in a fun Music Video type format.

Exquisite Weddings 2013 Fall Gown Shoot

I was invited to create a behind-the-scene documentary on the creation of the latest issue of Exquisite Weddings Magazine. The photos took place a Bandy Canyon in Escondido and there was an amazing team of creative people to make this project come to reality

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